Clearwater Ave

Single Family Homes

Building Lots Available

1390 Clearwater Ave.#5159.06 x 101.71AVAILABLENO2549 Clearwater Ave.#6759.06 x 102.00AVAILABLEYES
1408 Clearwater Ave.#5259.06 x 101.67AVAILABLENO2531 Clearwater Ave.#6859.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO
1426 Clearwater Ave.#5359.06 x 101.67AVAILABLENO2513 Clearwater Ave.#6959.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO
1444 Clearwater Ave.#5459.06 x 101.67AVAILABLENO2495 Clearwater Ave.#7059.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO
1462 Clearwater Ave.#5559.06 x 101.67AVAILABLENO2477 Clearwater Ave.#7159.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO
1480 Clearwater Ave.#5659.06 x 101.64AVAILABLENO2459 Clearwater Ave.#7259.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO
1498 Clearwater Ave.#5759.06 x 101.64AVAILABLENO2441 Clearwater Ave.#7359.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO
1516 Clearwater Ave.#5859.06 x 101.64AVAILABLENO2423 Clearwater Ave.#7459.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO
1534 Clearwater Ave.#5959.06 x 101.64AVAILABLENO2405 Clearwater Ave.#7559.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO
1552 Clearwater Ave.#6059.06 x 101.64AVAILABLENO2387 Clearwater Ave.#7659.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO
1570 Clearwater Ave.#6159.06 x 101.61AVAILABLENO2369 Clearwater Ave.#7759.06 x 101.67AVAILABLENO
1588 Clearwater Ave.#6259.06 x 101.61AVAILABLENO2351 Clearwater Ave.#7859.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO
1606 Clearwater Ave.#6359.06 x 101.61AVAILABLENO2333 Clearwater Ave.#7959.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO
1642 Clearwater Ave.#6459.06 x 101.61AVAILABLENO2315 Clearwater Ave.#8059.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO
1660 Clearwater Ave.#6559.06 x 101.57AVAILABLENO2297 Clearwater Ave.#8159.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO
1282 Clearwater Ave.#6666.40 x 102.00AVAILABLEYES2279 Clearwater Ave.#8259.06 x 109.84AVAILABLENO

Standard Features

Single Family Homes

Exterior Features

  • Brick, Eco Slide, Stucco, Stone (as per plan)
  • Ridge Venting on Roof System with Full Underlay
  • Prefinished aluminum fascia and trough
  • 7/16th aspenite roof with Limited Lifetime Certainteed Landmark Shingle
  • 3 1/2” concrete floor on granular fill in garage
  • Poured concrete foundation
  • Foundation damp proofing system
  • White Concrete front porch and garage step
  • Garage drywalled, taped and painted one coat of white
  • Prefinished steel sectional garage door (Insulated 12R) with Lites
  • Wired for garage door opener, Two (2) remotes, Vinyl casement Sable windows on Exterior, White on
  • Interior Insulated exterior doors with weatherstripping
  • Security deadbolts on front door and garage door
  • Fiberglass Front Door with Window, sidelites per plan
  • Engraved stone municipal address
  • All windows and doors caulked
  • Rear Yard drainage

Interior Features

  • Ceiling details (as per plans)
  • Painted interior doors with builder’s line hardware selection at Truax Design Centre
  • Painted MDF colonial trim and casing
  • Painted walls and ceilings – Four colour choices, builder’s line selection
  • Quality engineered hardwood floor and ceramic in baths & laundry (as per pln)
  • Flooring system engineered floor trusses, subfloor nailed, screwed, & glued
  • Drywall on interior walls
  • Caulking – all interior
  • 3 1/2″ Concrete floor on granular fill in basement

Kitchen, Bath & Laundry Features

  • Stained or Painted Maple Kitchen and Ensuite/Main Bath cabinets
  • Granite or Quartz counter tops in Kitchen, Ensuite bath & Main Bath
  • Kitchen: Double stainless steel sink with chrome pull down faucet
  • Ensuite Bath: Ceramic Shower c/w Shower Door, and Riobel Pro Faucet W at er Closets are Comfort Height

Electrical & Mechanical Features

  • High efficiency air conditioning system
  • Lighted door chime
  • Two exterior weather proof outlets
  • Exhaust fans in all baths
  • Ground fault electrical protection in all bathrooms
  • Pre-wired for two (2) telephone jacks and three (3) cable jacks
  • Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector as required
  • 10 interior pot lights included
  • Lighting Allowance of $1,000.00 Including HST Included in Price
  • Backflow Protection Installed
  • High efficiency furnace
  • High efficiency water heater directly vented to exterior (rental)
  • Two exterior hose connections (garage and rear)
  • Rough in 3-piece bathroom in basement

Added Bonus Features

  • Tarion warranty
  • City water and sanitary sewers
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Aspen Lake & Ganatchio Trail

All Selections are Builders Line, Upgrades are Available with a 15% Administration Cost Added for Accounting and Warranty

All Upgrades must be processed though Builder


Home Configurations


Garage: 2   Bedroom: 3   Bathroom: 2.5   Sq. ft.: 1786 (Approx)

Raised Ranch

with Bonus Room

Garage: 2   Bedroom: 3   Bathroom: 2   Sq. ft.: 2000 (Approx)

5 Level Split

Garage: 2   Bedroom: 3   Bathroom: 3   Sq. ft.: 2586* (Approx) *4 Levels Finished

2 Storey

Garage: 2   Bedroom: 4   Bathroom: 2.5   Sq. ft.: 2556 (Approx)

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